Letter to my friends

Cozumel, Mexico August 17th, 2020

To all my friends,

I hope all is good and that you are healthy and happy! 

Life here in Cozumel is good, we are staying healthy, happy, and using all the extra time to train for a triathlon, enjoy quality family time, grow food and start new ventures!

I just wanted to let you know, and actually feel very happy to inform you, that I have started my own business: Punta Sur Divers. It is a very big and bold move for me and I can’t wait for your next visit!

It’s been many many years that we have been diving together and at this moment I made a decision to not dive with any other company but mine: Punta Sur Divers. This has been a dream until now, but now I’m making it true.  It’s time to start my own business with my partners Nacho and Cris. This is a hard decision for me because of many many years of diving and good memories of you guys but I think this is the moment. Maybe it’s not the “right time” but it’s the moment to do it.

It’s been tough because of COVID for everybody and this is my decision. I want to thank you guys for the great memories and the good times we had together. If you would like to dive with me here is all my info and you are more than welcome to contact me.

Punta Sur Divers is the name of my new company. My partners Cris and Nacho have been diving for a long time in Cozumel and they have a lot of experience and they are 100% focused on making this dream come true. They are hard workers like I am and good people,  committed to the environment and protecting the reef.

Our service will have long bottom times, a lot of experience, and we can go anywhere, anytime. 

I want to thank you guys for reading this and any support is more than welcome for us to make this dream come true. I hope you are willing to give me a chance and try the service at my new business in the near future.  Help me spread the word. 

If you wish to support us we are launching with a special promo during COVID. If you want to stay connected please take a minute to leave me your contact info here.

Take care and I hope to see you soon.

Jorge Cabrera A.K.A “Cubano”
Co·Owner · Founder 

Company Cell Phone +529871008669 

Personal Cell Phone +529875646160 (Usually I’m underwater)

Bookings: https://puntasurdivers.com/booking

Email: info@puntasurdivers.com

Facebook – Instagram & Twitter: @PuntaSurDivers @RentaBikeCoz @Casa.Caney  

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