Community Outreach and Action

Our social and environmental responsibility as a company

Our previous involvement in community organizations and institutions (local and international, private and public) has proven to us time and again that it is corporate responsibility that can truly create lasting, sustainable change and impact. We will not wait for leaders, laws and politicians to make change. We are the change we want to SEA. We believe in sharing abundance, “pay it forward” and ensuring that the ecosystems, people and communities that we benefit from are positively impacted by our company and the activities we partake in such as  tourism, scuba and snorkeling. In short, we believe that responsible tourism, our company and our outreach are powerful tools for impact and change.
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Our ecological responsibility towards our reef, our community, our family (yes you!)

Beach cleanup

We promote volunterism and participate actively in groups and organizations committed to the Conservation of Cozumel’s Biosphere Reserve, its Natural Protected Sites and RAMSAR Sites. 

  • Our crew and guests all have log books of “hours towards change” that we will share on social media. Check it out for yourself here
  • We participate in beach clean ups, tree planting, recycling, turtle conservation programs.
  • We are founders of a local facebook volunteer community group for channeling volunteers to various ocean conservation causes Voluntariado Ciudadano Cozumel · VOCC 
We are members of local committees that partake in decision making regarding the management and conservation of the island. We believe that tourism and the private sector are key influencers of change. Some of the committees we part take in:
  • Tourism SubCommittee of CONANP advisory committee and the Best Practices subgroup
  • Development of the new national marine park management program committee
  • Members of the CONANP PROREST for Biological Coral Monitoring
  • Members of the CONANP PROREST for Monitoring Impact of Scuba and Snorkel activities
  • Members of the CONANP PROREST for Vigilance of Illegal Fishing in National Conservation Marine Park
  • Members of the Community Based Vigilance Group Kuutzmil with official credentials from CONANP & PROFEPA
We are members of local civil society 
  • Active members and fundraisers of Cozumel Ocean Research
  • Active members and fundraisers Corales Vivos Cozumel
  • Active members and fundraisers Coral Hero
  • Founders of Cozumel Vivo social media platform
  • Supporters and fundraisers for Coral Reef Restoration Program
  • Founders of Voluntariado Ciudadano Cozumel · VOCC
Social media 
      • We socialize information to educate and raise awareness regarding ocean conservation and responsible tourism
      • We promote two practical ways to engage and be part of change: Citizen Science & Responsible Tourism amongst locals & our guests. 
      • We will encourage you to get involved in “giving back” “pay it forward” to Cozumel as part of your experience with PSD
      • We will use our social media and communications platforms to encourage donating and volunteering for ocean conservation in Cozumel.
We promote citizen science and positive impact
Turtle hatching volunteers
      • Join us for a Spotted Eagle Ray Monitoring & Specialty Training
      • Join us for a Lionfish spearing & culinary adventure
      • Request a naturalist snorkeling adventure and learn about sea life
      • Learn about Coral Reefs and Biological monitoring of reef health and coral disease
      • Engage in Coral Reef Restoration
      • Join us in beach clean ups and for turtle nesting and hatching season 
  • Why donate and support local causes? Our ocean recreational activities have an impact on ocean health and conservation. We can “pay it forward” by engaging in responsible tourism and supporting local conservation efforts.
  • We invite you to support, volunteer and donate to our local ocean conservation causes:
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Some simple actions you can take to promote

 #ResponsibleTourism and #CozumelConservation during your visit to Cozumel.  

Before you arrive in Coz check out these links for information and videos. We compiled this list for our Punta Sur Divers community. We want to ensure you have a great scuba or snorkel experience during your visit. We hope to encourage you to be a trendsetter and promote #ResponsibleTourism and #CozumelConservation with us!

Cozumel´s Reef Guide

10 Rules for Reef Conservation in Cozumel:

Video en español – Video in english

COVID + Scuba Best practices at Punta Sur Divers

Locals unite against white plague video:

Video in spanish – Video in english

White Plague action plan

White PlagueReport

White PlagueJournal

HELP us find these corals

Cozumel’s Reef Rotation “Siesta” to allow biological processes and reproduction of species for Reef Conservation

Cozumel Sustainable fishing, fishing bans & dates

What are Cozumel’s ecosystems environmental services?

Lion fish Cookbook

Lion fish First Aid: (Lionfish spearing is not allowed in the marine park but we can take you where it is!)

About fishing in Cozumel

When is it ok to eat lobster? Do not consume on these dates. Take note of the SIZE.

Research updates about Cozumel’s natural protected areas  

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