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Some unique characteristics make Cozumel’s diving particularly special for everyone!

  • Safe conditions in the open ocean for snorkeling and scuba diving are available for all levels and needs. We are inclusive and can adapt to your parties unique needs. We love to teach and introduce people to the wonderful underwater world!
  • We have selected some special white sandy soft caribbean beaches for beach training and dive instruction for your comfort.
  • You’ll experience visibilites of more than 100ft in our turquoise caribbean waters and rainbow’s of blues like your eyes have never seen before.

    scuba diver wall dive
    Wall dive in Palancar
  • Your Punta Sur Divers professional crew and hosts providing personalized service like no other making fun, safety and conservation our top priorities.
  • Reefs and biodiversity like no other. Seriously! Our reefs cannot be compared to any other site in the region!
  • Warm waters with temperatures ranging from up to 86˚ F (30˚ C) in the summer to 78˚ F (26˚C) in the winter months.
  • You will encounter beautiful coral formations, reef wall drop-offs, shallow reefs, swim throughs, white sandy bottoms full of life (barely apparent to the eye) huge pinnacles, sponges of all colors and shapes and friendly and biodiverse fauna all around.
  • Cozumel is all about drift diving so we “go with the flow” and always in the direction of the current which is normally going from south to north. The current can be very mild in some reefs, allowing for a relaxed effortless drift dive. We encourage you to ride the current trying to stay in a horizontal neutrally buoyant hydrodynamic body position. You will be able to cover longer distances and save air enabling longer bottom times. Some beginner reefs include Colombia Shallows, Palancar Gardens, Santa Rosa Reef, Chankaanab, Yucab, Cardona and Paradise Reef. 
  • If you want, your instructor or divemaster can help you find the best body position according to your skill, experience and comfort level. Currents can also be strong and very fun. Drift diving is definitely a unique trait of diving in Cozumel. Cedral Wall and Punta Tunich are typical drift diving sites, so remember to go with the flow, stay low (yet 6ft/2 m away from the reef) and never fight or go against the current. Your body position is very important.

    Official list of Cozumel's Reefs and the Reef Resting Periods to allow for biological and reproductive processes that insure reef conservation and health.
    Official list of Cozumel’s Reefs and the Reef Resting Periods to allow for biological and reproductive processes that insure reef conservation and health.
  • Advanced dive sites include reefs in the north where the currents are typically stronger due to landscape and other factors. Other advanced dive sites include the Palancar system with its great coral formations filled with swim throughs (advanced skill),  Cedral Pass, Santa Rosa Wall and Punta Tunich, amongst many others.
  • For very experienced divers you can expect to explore the different sections of Punta Sur:  Cathedral and Devil’s Throat in the far south;  or Cantarel, Barracuda and San Juan  in the north. These reefs are long time favorites amongst divers that have visited Cozumel regularly over the past 30 years.
  • During the first semester of 2020 the National Park authorities announced the creation of a year round calendar of site closings to give these sections resting periods to allow for coral recovery.


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