Special Trips

Besides our regular 2- tank trips we have developed a couple of special outings. Some can be done at any site while others involve longer trips to remote locations.

Twilight – Night Dive 2-tank trip

This special trip can be organized on any day. During part of the summer season it can be done after a regular afternoon trip, but for most of the year it replaces the afternoon trip so that we can dive without time limitations.

First we dive before the sun sets. It can be a deep or shallow site, depending on what the divers prefer. Then we have our regular surface interval of about an hour while enjoying the Cozumel sunset. After that we get ready for the main course: an awesome night dive teeming with octopus, king crabs, lobsters, eels and everything the reef has to offer.

Cost: 99 USD

Minimum certification level: Open Water Diver
Special equipment required: Lamp/Torch/Flashlight

Sunrise dive

This dive has quickly become a favorite for some of our regulars. We meet around 90 minutes before the sunrise at Marina Fonatur to board Keiko and head out for either a single tank dive or a 3- tank trip if you want to do the normally scheduled morning dives after the sunrise dive.

We go in the water while it is still night time. Underwater the octopus, king crabs and lobsters are still out feeding. About thirty minutes into the dive the first rays of sunlight start to dance on the reef.

You can see how activity starts picking up around the reef and when we surface to a spectacular sunrise, hot coffee is already waiting for you onboard.

Cost: 79 USD single tank

Minimum certification level: Open Water Diver
Special equipment required: Lamp/Torch/Flashlight (not included, available for rent)

Wild North Trip

This outing is available only for divers with experience in deep diving and strong currents. This is a 3-tank trip leaving at 7 am from Marina Fonatur (no pick up from resorts on the south part of the island for this trip). First we do a deep dive at one of the famous walls of the north, diving to a max depth of around 100 ft or deeper. Then we keep on going north for another 30-40 minutes depending on sea conditions.

It is important to note that we can only do this trip if weather conditions are good. We cannot make this trip if it’s very windy, if there’s too much rain or if there are strong waves. The trip does involve a longer than usual navigation so if you have a tendency to get seasick we definitely recommend taking Dramamine before departure. Once we leave the protected Cozumel shoreline bigger swells might make you a seasick.

The second dive will be at either Gato Reef or Arcos. Like I always say to my divers when they ask what we are going to see, it’s not a zoo. Nothing is guaranteed, though on these sites we have seen bull sharks, lots of barracudas, jacks of different kinds, turtles, and more. Just like the rest of the reefs around Cozumel with the changes in water temperature Eagle rays can be seen here too.

The third dive will take place at a shallow site and for this dive we have different options with or without current. So the decision about which site to visit will be made on board by the DM and the divers.

Cost: 199 USD

Experienced divers only. You need to dive with us prior to this outing so that we can assess your diving level.

Please note that we CAN’T guarantee bookings for this trip weeks in advance because our ability to make this special trip depends 100% on weather conditions.

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