Details about our trips


  • Most of our trips leave from Marina Fonatur (see a map here) unless you arranged for a special charter trip. Generally if you are staying on the north side of the island or in town, this will be our meeting spot. Unfortunately we cannot pick you up. There are strict local rules regulating who can transport tourists. 
  • Our staff will be wearing a t-shirt with our awesome Punta Sur Divers logo and will be waiting for you outside the pharmacy to walk you to your boat. If you’re not sure where to go, send us a Whats app or ask anyone at the marina to help you get in touch with Cubano! 
  • Parking at the marina is really limited, so we recommend you bike ride (ask us about our bike+dive special with Rent a Bike Cozumel) or take a taxi. You can expect a taxi to cost about $120 pesos each way.
  • We will take care of your scuba gear for you. We will pick it up on your first day with us and drop it off clean when you have finished all your dives.
  • If you’re staying on the south side of the island on a beachfront hotel we can pick you up by boat. We will provide you with an approximate dock pick up time. Please be ready! Bear in mind that some hotels require that you pay a pier fee. If a docking fee applies at your hotel, we recommend you arrange the payment in advance.
  • Make sure to make a quick bathroom stop before we set off for our scuba ocean adventure.


  • Our trips usually last about 4 to 4.5 hours depending on the ocean and weather conditions.
  • Our morning trips generally depart at 8 am (but sometimes we have late departures at 8:20 or 9 am) and you can expect to be back around 12:30 pm.
  • divers on a boatOur afternoon trips generally depart at 1:30 pm and you can expect to be back around 6:00 pm.
  • Our twilight and night dive departing times depend on the sunset time.
  • During our trip we will provide fresh drinking water and a light snack. Please bring your personal water bottle to avoid single use plastic. We will have some bottles for you on board as well.
  • Bring a small “dry bag” with sunglasses, a raincoat/jacket in case it rains, a towel and any personal items. Please remember sunblock is not allowed in the  National Marine Conservation Park due to increasing coral health problems (even “reef safe” brands are prohibited). We recommend you bring a rash guard or t -shirt to protect your skin.
  • We select dive sites according to our guests’ previous diving experience and daily ocean and weather conditions. The captain and Divemaster/Instructor will recommend reefs for that day, allowing you to take part in the decision. The final decision about our dive sites will take all divers’ needs into account, and the captain will make any final calls.
  • Expect a 20-30 min boat ride to the reefs for our first dive. We usually head to a reef wall for your first dive, a multi level profile to a depth of 70-80 ft for an average bottom time of 60-70 minutes depending on air consumption and dive computers. Enjoy a beautiful surface interval of 50-70 minutes depending on all divers’ needs, followed by a second, typically shallower dive at an average of 40-60 ft.
  • Once our adventure is over, we will drop you off right where we picked you up.
  • If you plan to take pictures or just want to do your own thing, we highly recommend you request a private Divemaster so we can cater to your unique needs.
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