1. Please fill in our online request form (Make sure to provide your skill-certification level, diving dates and gear sizes)

2. You will receive an email from us to confirm your information, followed by a quote.  We reply quickly, so please check your spam if you don’t hear from us within 24 hours (We might be out diving!)

Please reply to us to confirm and accept the quote or to make changes to your details.

Pay a deposit or the full amount (see our Payment and Cancellation Policies).

Once you receive our confirmation email your booking is set.

Print, sign and bring you waiver so you’re ready to go on your first day. Show up for your gear fitting at arranged time and place and go diving!


1. Do I need to bring my diving certification?

Yes. You will need to show us your credentials in person or in advance via email. It doesn’t matter if it’s PADI or another agency.

2. Can I dive without a diving certification?

Yes. We can take you on a One Day Scuba Diving Experience, in which you’ll get some basic training but you don’t need to get certified.

3. My ears hurt when I go underwater. Can I dive?

Yes. We can teach you appropriate techniques for equalizing your ears during scuba (providing no previous injury, ear surgery or health problems).

3. Is scuba diving safe?

Diving is enjoyed by thousands of people around the world.  If you follow all the standards and scuba rules it is safe, and it’s also important to consult a doctor before diving if you answer YES to any of the questions on this form. Like any activity, scuba diving does imply risk, and proper training is key — that’s where we come in!

Read more information on safety while diving here.

4. I have had ear problems (or asthma, or other health conditions). How can I make sure I am fit to dive?

Please ask your doctor (ideally a diving physician) to assess your fitness to dive and fill in this medical statement.

5. Do I need to know how to swim to scuba dive?

Yes, some basic swimming skills are required.

6. Do you rent gear?

Yes. We can provide all the gear you need for scuba or snorkel. Be sure to provide us with your size for the fins, wetsuit and BCD.

7. I have physical challenges or a disability. Can you accommodate to my needs?

Yes. If your doctor authorizes you to dive, we will be happy to accommodate your needs and make it happen.

8. If the weather is bad do you cancel diving?

We dive rain or shine. The Mexican Naval authorities will close the port if the ocean is deemed unsafe for tourist activities including snorkeling/diving. This is generally when a strong cold wind from the north, called a “Norte” (more common in December through February) makes the ocean a risk for any water activity, and all boats are prohibited to navigate under Mexican law.  If this occurs during your time diving with us you will merit a full refund for that day.

9. What happens if I get sick and I can’t dive?

You will get full refund if you notify us the day before your scheduled dives and provide a doctor’s certificate stating that you are ill and should not dive. If you are not feeling well and need to see a doctor we recommend you visit Cozumel International Hospital- SSS Chamber Network,  which is conveniently located right downtown.


10. Where will we go? How do you pick the dive sites each day?

Dive sites are selected daily on the boat by staff according to a combination of factors: divers’ skill level, environmental conditions, where divers have been already, and timing. Let us know where you would like to go and we will do our best to make it happen. Of course we love to dive South!

11. How long will each dive be?

Your bottom time will depend on your personal air consumption. We will group divers according to skill level for longer bottom times. 

12. Can I request a private guide?

Yes, absolutely.

13. How many divers are on the boat?

We like small groups on fast boats. Generally there will be no more than eight people per boat split in two groups. We can arrange special boats for big groups if you wish to dive together.

14. What time will we be back?

Our two tank dive adventures generally take five hours. If we leave at 8:30 we will be back at the Marina Fonatur around 1:00 under normal conditions.

15. Is it OK to fly after Scuba Diving?

We recommend taking a “rest day” prior to air travel. A minimum of 18 hours is recommended after multiple days of diving. Read more about the Divers Alert Network’s guidelines for diving and air travel here.

16. Do I need to have dive insurance?

It is not a requirement but we strongly recommend having some form of diving insurance like DAN, DiveAssure, Aquamed, etc. To sign up for DAN insurance, click here. If you’re interested in purchasing travel insurance as well, click here. If you live outside of the US or Canada use this link 


17. What do I need to bring?

Remember to bring a sun hat, sunglasses, a bathing suit, any personal medication you might need, a towel, a change of clothes and a jacket in case it rains or is windy.  If you own diving gear, let us know in advance what you plan to bring. Make sure your gear is labeled. Please note that people are not permitted to use sunblock in the national marine park (even if it’s “reef-safe”). Instead, consider using a rash guard to protect your skin. If you don’t already have a rash guard, we’ve got some for sale; just let us know what size you need.

18. What diving gear do you recommend I buy first?

Mask, fins, regulator, BCD/wetsuit — in that order.

19. Do I need a wetsuit?

It’s a personal decision; some divers use board shorts in the winter and others use a dry suit in the summer! During winter months (Nov-Feb) it can get quite chilly.  Water temperatures vary around 30°C or 80-83°F in the summer and 26°C 78-79°F in the winter.


20. What do you provide during our trip?

We provide our happy professional staff, water, fruit, fast boats, a first aid kit and emergency oxygen. If you book a VIP trip we can include a private boat, post dive/snorkel beer, and a Mexican lunch including our famous guacamole.

21. How much should I tip the boat crew and guide?

Tips are always appreciated. You might like to check dive forums and the Facebook Group “Cozumel 4 You”  for reference. 20% would be a good tip, 10% would be base for standard service and above 20% if you think the team did an amazing job.  At PSD we encourage our staff to share all tips daily. If you dive multiple days we appreciate daily tips, as staff may vary from day to day.

22. Do you have a storefront location?

No. We decided that the added cost in rent a staff to justify a storefront doesn’t make sense right now. Our online business is open 24 hrs everything you need to know is on our website. Our office hours are  Monday-Saturday from 8:00 am -5:00 pm., though we might respond to your emails at odd hours or in between dives. We meet our divers at previously arranged meeting spots or at Marina Fonatur.


23. I’ll be staying on the mainland in Playa/Cancún. Where can I meet you?

The ferry service from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel runs every hour for most of the day. From the ferry terminal in Cozumel to our marina the taxi ride is about 5-10 minutes depending on traffic and it costs about 120 pesos.

24. How should I get around the island and to our meeting point for diving?

On a bike! Cozumel is flat, warm, safe and bike friendly, with a 60 mile bike path that goes around the whole island. Biking is fun, inexpensive and healthy compared to driving. It’s a great way to get to Marina Fonatur to meet us before your dives. You can find bikes here


25. What is the weather like?

August is the hottest month in Cozumel with an average temperature of 28°C (82°F) and the coldest is January at 24°C (75°F). The wettest month is September, with an average of 247mm of rain.

26. Is Cozumel safe?

Yes! However there are certain precautions that you should take to make your experience as safe as possible. Like anywhere in the world, there are a few “bad apples” you could take advantage of you if you make it too easy. For example, don’t leave a purse or pricey sunglasses unattended at a restaurant table if you get up to use the restroom; don’t leave your iphone hanging out of your back pocket when you’re at the crowded ferry terminal, and always lock your bike when not in use. These are the same common sense precautions you would take anywhere in the world.

27. Where should I stay?

We can recommend Casa Caney or some of our friends’ Air bnb options or hotels if you prefer. Contact us directly with your dates and needs so we can match you up with some good recommendations!


32. Can I pay upon arrival?

If you prefer not to pay the full amount in advance, you can make a deposit beforehand and pay the balance in cash at arrival.

33. Can I pay with a credit or debit card?

Yes. Keep in mind that there is a service fee of 4.6%.

34. Can I pay with cash?

Yes. We accept Mexican pesos and US dollars.

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