Our Team

Punta Sur Divers is a partnership of two families: Jorge aka Cubano with Cris and Nacho, Cait, Sofía and Violeta. Both of our families are involved in different ways and our sole aim is to help you experience and appreciate the beauty of Cozumel. We want to share with you why we love this island.

Our team:

Cubano a few years back
Cubano a few years ago


Dive Master Cubano doesn’t need much of an intro. He is kind of an institution in the Caribbean underworld. The turtles and nurse sharks know him very well and greet him with, “It’s you?… Again?” 

Cubano got hooked on scuba during militarized Red Cross Lifeguard training in Varadero Cuba way back 1987. He became a certified ISSI scuba diver in 1995 and recently received a PADI diploma for 15+ years of guiding. When he first moved to Cozumel he worked at Alex & Alex, then Blue Angel under two different admins and most recently in Tres Pelícanos. Proudly born Cuban and nationalized Mexican, Cubano has been living, diving and loving Cozumel for over 20+ years with over 20,000+ LOGGED DIVES! He is certified PADI Divemaster and Full Cave Guide by NSS-CDS. He is a certified Scuba Nature Guide by SECTUR (Mexico’s ministry of tourism) and is up to date as a a committed Cozumel National Marine Park guide. He speaks English and Spanish (with a Cuban-Yucatecan flavor). He has dived in Cuba, Cozumel, Mexican Pacific and South Africa.

His scuba guiding style is known and very unique. He is very chill and calm underwater, and has a long list of divers who love his demeanor and style. He keeps life simple: dive+swim +bike+run+eat+sleep … and repeat. He knows all the “old school” secret scuba spots on the island, is as hard core as they come, and has been diving non-stop for more than 20 years while training year round for UltraTriathlons, Ironmans, Half Ironmans and Olympic distance triathlons. His smile says it all. He is a kind man and a friend to many. He is a father of two and the proud grandfather of the girl that makes his eyes shine. Cris is his life and adventure partner. His side project with Cris is their eco-food jungle home @Casa.Caney where you can stay if you are looking for a secret hiding spot in the jungle. They airbnb a private palapa house on their unique eco-property.

Cubano is our Operations Manager and very proud co-founder and owner of Punta Sur Divers & @Casa.Caney. He is a respected Cozumel local with the most participation and first place wins in triathlon competitions.

Nacho with sofía at the beach
Nacho with Sofia the little mermaid


Meet our instructor Nacho. Born in Iquique, Chile, and living in Coz for the last 10+ years, he has a background in communications and business but left the corporate life to become a scuba instructor.

For many years he was a base leader and then operations manager at one of the largest scuba diving companies in the Caribbean.

Nacho has a great sense of humor, love for marine life, patience, dedication and professionalism make him an invaluable part of our team and an awesome person to dive with and learn from.

Nacho has certified over 400 divers as a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer during the last ten years. He has dived in Galápagos, Southeast Asia, Chile, Honduras, Colombia, Cuba and of course Mexico.  He loves underwater photography, cycling and the Green Bay Packers, and is up to date as a committed Cozumel National Marine Park guide.

Nacho is the proud father to two little girls who make sure there’s at least one place in the world where he doesn’t run the show. He also collaborates with Books del Sur, a company that brings authentic Spanish language children’s literature to bilingual classrooms in the US. He is our main instructor, is in charge of our general administration and is a co-founder/owner of Rent a Bike Cozumel and Punta Sur Divers. He is married to Cait.

Cris and Shiva


Cris has been a freelance photographer and Dive Master since she moved to Cozumel more than 12 years ago. Though she was born in Mexico, she has lived in Houston, Texas, Melbourne, Australia and Vancouver BC Canada. When she lived in Vancouver she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Human Geography & Latin American Studies with an emphasis on Sustainable Development. 

She is bubbly, energetic, opinionated and speaks Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese. Before moving to Cozumel she worked for the United Nations in Mexico City for UN-HABITAT regarding Human Rights in the water and sanitation sector. She was also a Latin American Communications Officer for the International NGO “Fresh Water Action Network – WaterAID” and worked as a research assistant for Humanitarian Production Co in Mexico City. She is also trained in digital media production. She now works as a scuba diver and conservationist.

Cris is involved in various local citizen groups that actively work towards Cozumel conservation and promoting responsible tourism for increased sustainability and best practices to protect our National Marine Park and oceans. She is involved in ocean conservation through groups like Corales Vivos Cozumel and Cozumel Ocean Research. She also manages an online social platform called Cozumel Vivo that celebrates positive environmental and social action on the island. She participates in biological monitoring and best practices monitoring among other local citizen science and governance projects. She is up to date and a committed Cozumel National Marine Park guide. Talk to her about booking citizen science-based experiences with us to learn more about our fish, coral and Caribbean ecosystems, the threats they face, and what makes them so special.

She has been diving in Cuba, Brazil, South Africa and Mexico. Cris’s passions are rock climbing, travel, eating and growing food, and all sports including triathlon. Her favorite climbing spots are Viñales, Cuba and Squamish B.C. Her side project with Cubano is their eco-food jungle home Casa Caney where you can stay if you are looking for a secret hiding spot in the jungle. They Airbnb a private palapa house on their unique eco-property.

Cris is our Communications/P.R. Manager, Operations Assistant and Responsible Tourism and Sustainability Officer. She is co-founder and owner of Rent a Bike Cozumel, Punta Sur Divers and @Casa.Caney


Your first contact with PSD to book some dives will most likely be with our booking manager, Cait. First and foremost she is a mother of two sassy and smart little mermaids. Cait is also the bookings manager for our partner company, Rent a Bike Cozumel, with multiple reviews on Tripadvisor recognizing her care and dedication. She’ll go well beyond the call of duty to make your booking experience quick and simple and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding Punta Sur Divers or Rent a Bike Cozumel. She loves sharing her favorite tips and ideas about visiting Cozumel and will make sure you get a copy of our very own “Island Guide” in your booking confirmation email. 

Cait is a certified PADI Advanced Diver and worked as a sales rep for one of the biggest scuba operations on the island, so she is very familiar with PADI products and standards. Born in Wisconsin,  she holds a master’s degree in Bilingual Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education as well as Journalism and Mass Communication. Before moving to Cozumel she was a bilingual teacher in Madison, Wisconsin. She is married to Nacho, who took her on her first dive in Cozumel way back in 2011 when she foolishly thought she was just visiting the island for a quick vacation.  Within two years she was calling the island home!