Environmental and Social Responsibility

At PSD we believe the FUTURE is NOW and our actions speak louder than words. 

We, scuba divers, are in contact with nature every day, and we see the impact of climate change, pollution, plastic, and irresponsible tourism and scuba practices. The human species has proven a threat to life, but we are committed to being part of the solution, not the problem. We hope that diving with us will make you a custodian of Cozumel Island, its reefs and its conservation areas. We will change our industry one dive at a time.  

We work hard. We love what we do. But there is another reason to dive with us: we will go beyond the call of duty to promote responsible habits in the guests visiting our natural protected conservation areas and the Parque Nacional Arrecifes de Cozumel.

Here are our commitments to our island, our reefs, our ecosystems, our community and YOU!

Our services and products are responsible   

All of our activities, services, products and tours have responsible tourism and sustainability at their core.  Our crew is passionate. We receive ongoing education on sustainability and conservation. All our team members are up to date on our credentials and certifications. We’ve also designed some eco-friendly experiences and products to awaken your curiosity and spark your passion for conservation. We want you to go home knowing that your visit to Cozumel had a positive impact!

  • Join us for a spotted eagle ray monitoring & specialty training
  • Join us for a lionfish spearing and culinary adventure
  • Participate in a naturalist snorkeling adventure and learn about sea life and how to protect it
  • Learn about coral reefs, coral disease and biological monitoring of reef health 
  • Engage in and support coral reef restoration in Cozumel
  • Merchandise: 
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When you scuba dive and snorkel with us, you can expect:

We will share knowledge and passion for subaquatic life, ecosystems and their conservation. 
We designed experiences that you can enjoy while having a positive impact, learning new things and being a part of change.
We will promote and explain good practices so that together we minimize environmental impact and ensure your safety.
We will offer refillable sanitized water bottles and extra refill water. We subscribe and support the #nomoreplastic campaign.
Some of the fruit you will enjoy will be grown in our garden. We will dispose of waste responsibly (composting it or feeding our chickens when we can!), and we will never throw food overboard. We do not “feed” wildlife.
All the boats we use are authorized to work in the National Conservation Marine Park. Look for the matrícula number and the flag that identifies the boats with permits. This practice ensures we don’t overburden the reefs.
We only use biodegradable cleaning products to sanitize all scuba and snorkel gear. Water quality is directly related to reef and ocean health as well as to our human health.
Organic waste gets a ride home to feed our chickens. We recycle. We avoid packaged goods and plastic. We promote recycling and responsible waste management.
We will encourage good diving practices and teach techniques to help photographers avoid touching the reef. We’ll be happy to help photographers improve their buoyancy skills. We strongly encourage serious photographers to book a private guide. 
All our team members are coral reef and ocean custodians. We know our daily actions and decisions have a real impact on our oceans and marine life. We will encourage each other to follow good practices.
We actively support and engage in the following campaigns: #ResponsibleTourism #TurismoResponsable #NoMorePlastic #EmptyTheTanks #CitizenScience #MoreBikesLessCars #BiodegradableLife #WeAreAllCustodians #TodxsSomosGuardaparques #CozumelMiRefugio #RideYourBikeForChange and #BeTheChangeYouWantToSEA 
We support and promote “reef rest periods.” We do not visit reefs that are resting due to important biological and reproductive cycles. Our reefs are crucial for life and climate change mitigation and we believe humans are responsible for protecting and conserving them.
We are  “trendsetters.” We evolve, learn, research and promote change for the common good.  We participate in citizen science — public collaboration in research that benefits our community and our ecosystems.
We will communicate about our sustainability efforts on social media and our website. (Please help us share!). We hope to neutralize the CO2 emissions from gasoline and boats by promoting bike riding and coordinating rides.
We will use our social media and communication platforms to educate, raise awareness, and promote change. We will host “visiting experts” to share their passion and knowledge in their areas of expertise.