Covid hasn’t stopped us

What it feels like here

We’re happy to see that more and more visitors have been arriving here now that so many people in the U.S. and Canada have been able to get fully vaccinated and international travel is less risky. Cozumel’s residents continue to follow basic precautions like mask-wearing in public and businesses have adapted to be able to operate safely.  Most businesses operate at a limited capacity to avoid overcrowding. The majority of businesses require a quick temperature check at the door as you enter, and many restaurants have adapted in order to accommodate outdoor seating so people can be comfortable socializing together while eating and drinking. While things here don’t feel “normal” yet, we do feel pretty safe, in general, and we think it’s a great time to visit while still following local guidelines and protocols to minimize your chance of contracting or spreading covid. 

Getting tested in Coz

In short, as soon as the covid test became a requirement for all US-bound flights in January, people here started bending over backwards to make it easy and stress-free for tourists to get the test. There are multiple testing sites around town in clinics and pharmacies as well as a couple of stand-alone testing operations. There are also several testing services in which you can arrange for someone to come to your hotel/condo/private residence to carry out a test, if that’s more convenient for you.  There’s even a mobile testing lab right outside the Cancun Airport for those true procrastinators. If you need more information about the requirement or testing locations, check out our detailed blog post here.

Vaccination progress

Vaccinations are currently underway here and have been made available according to age groups. Right now people age 50 and up are eligible, so while we’re a bit behind the US in terms of widespread accessibility, we’re heartened by the public’s enthusiasm about the vaccine and excited to see progress. Cubano is the first one on our team to qualify and just received his first dose last week (woo hoo!).

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